Vine and Branches group turns 21

"ANY church youth group that survives for more than five years can be considered to be divinely inspired in its formation." So said Fr Simon Pereira in his opening speech during the Vine and Branches youth group's 21st anniversary celebration.

The group from Novena Church marked the occasion with a dinner and dance, entitled A Nite of Stars, at the Marina Mandarin Hotel on April 18. For the first time in the history of the group, parents of the youths were formally invited to one of its events as spiritual director Fr Simon wanted to meet them.

It was also an opportunity for Fr Simon to brief those present on the history of one of the oldest Church youth groups in the Archdiocese of Singapore and to show parents the vibrancy of its members. During the celebration, participants were treated to lively song-and-dance numbers which included performances based on the movies Grease and Sister Act.

The celebration marks a milestone in the history of Vine and Branches. More than two decades ago, a newly-ordained Fr Simon and a bunch of about 10 youths gathered every Saturday evening in the backyard of Novena Church telling each other jokes. The group not only drew more youths by their infectious laughter, they also began to share their problems and difficulties with one another. Soon camps were organised for the youths to give them spiritual direction.

Fr Simon named the group Vine and Branches from Jesus' words in John 15. The initial motto was Caring and Sharing, now it's I Live To Give. To date, Vine and Branches has successfully organised numerous family Masses, school missions and massive special projects like the Novena Annual Flower Procession and Lenten Vigils.

Vine and Branches holds prayer meetings in Novena Church every Sunday at 2.45 p.m. Youths interested in joining the group may contact Bernard Lee (9415-1672).

The Catholic News (May 17, 1998)

Here are the photos from the event.

dndsimonparents.JPG (11655 bytes)dndsimonpar.JPG (13230 bytes)
Fr Simon talking to the parents.

dndsimban.JPG (34606 bytes)
Fr Simon giving his opening speech.

dndsimonbernardtoast.JPG (15042 bytes)
Fr Simon giving a toast with the President, Bernard Lee (extreme left).

dndcake.JPG (13563 bytes)
The birthday cake.

dndsimoncake.JPG (19311 bytes)
Fr Simon cutting the cake with the other birthday celebrants.

dndsimoncard.JPG (17980 bytes)
Fr Simon showing us the card we gave him.

dndtable.JPG (38354 bytes)
The people at my table.

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dndp1lookup.JPG (12632 bytes)dndp1open.JPG (15348 bytes)dndp1sway.JPG (10921 bytes)
A 'Sister Act' performance.

dndp2grp.JPG (21602 bytes)
A cool retro number.

dndp3grp.JPG (50149 bytes)dndp3clap.JPG (51372 bytes)dndp3galspine.JPG (12147 bytes)
dndp3guygal.JPG (11374 bytes)dndp3guysbackpoint.JPG (17843 bytes)dndp3guysfrus.JPG (14044 bytes)
dndp3guysdance.JPG (13535 bytes)dndp3guysfrus.JPG (14044 bytes)
dndp3guyspelvicthrust.JPG (14724 bytes)dndp3guyspine.JPG (12847 bytes)dndp3guyspoint.JPG (13245 bytes)
dndp3reunited.JPG (8698 bytes)
V&B's own revival of 'Grease'.

dndparent.JPG (16717 bytes)
The fathers doing a cosmetic sex change. Unfortunately, one of the V&B's members participated and stole the show.

dndsimonirene.JPG (34158 bytes)dndsimonjason.JPG (29522 bytes)
dndsimonjeremy.JPG (19846 bytes)dndsimonmike.JPG (18187 bytes)
Fr Simon having fun shooting his water gun at participants in a game. The participants had to talk on a church-related topic non-stop for 2 minutes or he'll fire. Well, most did get wet.

dnddisco.JPG (9015 bytes)
The youths enjoying themselves at the end with a disco dance.

dndendgrpnome.JPG (27051 bytes)
Tired but happy youths at the end.

dndmaincomm.JPG (24722 bytes)
The committee that worked so hard to bring you the D&D. They are (from left): Alice Lim, Vivian Yee, Julius Chan, John Lee, Shirley Chua and Bernard Lee.