This page contains my history with Vine and Branches, the Novena Church youth group.

My first camp with VnB was in 1992. This was to be most memorable one. As I was not a Catholic then, I could not fully appreciate the fellowship and sessions that was held. In addition, I was  young and ignorant, only 15 then. Thinking back, that was to be my most memorable one.
Fr Simon Pereira was my 'secret pal' (SP), but of course I wasn't to find that out till the end of the camp. What I remember most was that my very first present from him was a kiss presented to me by Fiona, an older VnB female member. That was to be my first and last kiss from anyone (other than from my parents of course). Over the course of the camp, I received very little gifts, but when I do, they were quite grand. :)
I made many good friends then. Unfortunately, I lost contact with almost all of them. Most were older than me by at least 2-10 years, and some are even married with kids now.
I received a lot of love and support from this bunch of people. They were, in my opinion (and many others too I believe), one of the best batches of VnB in its history.
Just to note, I also was someone's 'secret admirer' (SA). Ahh, the immaturity of an adolescent. Whatever happened to it? Well, she was so offended my so frequent apologies for my 'strange behaviour' that she told me to stop contacting her. *sigh*
But I have gotten over it and moved on with my life. :)

vnbcamp92.JPG (21486 bytes) This was taken during the campfire held on the last night. We were dressed up as Red Indians (which was our theme that night I think), and stuck out our tongues as a gesture for the photo.

vnbcampme92.JPG (10836 bytes) This part was when we were revealing our SPs. I was tricked into believing that it was William. After a bit of serenading by him, Fr Simon revealed himself.

Vnbeve92.JPG (15803 bytes) This was also taken that same year. A senior member of VnB, Evelyn, has her birthday on August 9th, our own National Day. There was birthday parties at her home for a few years after, to which VnB was invited. This practice discontinued however when Evelyn outgrew the group.
I had fun times then. I wished that I had made stronger friendship bonds, for which I may be thankful for in these difficult times.

vnbmcritchie92.JPG (20340 bytes) MacRitchie Reservoir was a favourite haunt for VnB prayer meetings when we needed a change. It was chosen for its tranquillity and closeness to Novena Church, although prayer meetings were held in Ss Peter and Paul at that time.
Some of the people seen here could still be seen 'hanging' round Novena Church. To the best of my knowledge, Bernard Lee (7th from left) is the president now. Julius Chan (the guy on his left), is a senior technical advisor. He's really committed. I sometimes wonder, that if he really left the group, would it collapse?
At this point, I also pray for the soul of Charmaine Ler, who committed suicide a few years back. Our Father in heaven.......

vnborchardguys92.JPG (13471 bytes) It was through social outings outside of the Sunday prayer meetings that truly bonded the group. Once a week is not enough to get the real fellowship that made VnB so special.
This was taken on a Saturday night out at Orchard Road (outside Espirit, I think). I've lost contact with all, if not most of the people seen here. I miss you guys.

vnbprocession96.JPG (20622 bytes) The Annual Novena Procession is officially considered the birthday of the group. We celebrate usually by working real hard to make it a success. Logistics and manpower requirements are usually tremendous, but as you can see, it almost always turns out very well. All thanks to Our Mother of Perpetual Help!

vnbcamp93.JPG (27033 bytes) This camp in 1993 was a tremendous success. We shared and cried our hearts out. I would say that this was the 'swan song' for many of the VnB members, held in Hai Sing High in Pasir Ris, I vividly remember the nights when I spent much time having deep personal chat sessions with many.

Unfortunately, that's all the photos I have. I regret for not taking the time and effort to collect a more comprehensive photo portfolio. I hope to resolve to do so in the near future.
But be assured that my life will be photographed extensively from now on. I hope to share my life with you soon.