Here are links to update some of the most popular software available.

Microsoft software is indeed what most people cannot do without.

Win98 The Microsoft Windows 98 operating system is the upgrade to Windows that makes your computer work better and play better. It works better by making it simple to access the Internet and by providing better system performance along with easier system diagnostics and maintenance. With Windows 98, your system plays better as well with support for the latest graphics, sound, and multimedia technologies, the ability to easily add and remove peripheral devices with support for Universal Serial Bus (USB), and it also enables the convergence of the PC and TV in your home.
This exciting new operating system builds on the groundbreaking features introduced with Windows 95. At the same time, Windows 98 maintains the best support for older Windows-based applications and technologies.

MSIE Internet Explorer 4.0 is an open, integrated suite of Internet software that includes the industry's premier Internet client and basic collaboration solution for end users, IT managers, and developers. Internet Explorer 4.0 expands on the innovation introduced in version 3.0 to achieve Microsoft's vision: complete integration of the Internet and the PC. The end result is a dramatically easier and more personalized way for people to get the most out of the Internet.

MS Chat Internet Explorer presents Microsoft Chat, an online real-time conversation program that combines conventional text based chat with unconventional graphical features.
Authors and developers can also find Chat controls and applets to build Chat communities on their Web sites.

MS Netmeeting NetMeeting for Windows 95 and Windows NT is an award-winning product that provides the most complete conferencing solution for the Internet and corporate intranet. Powerful features let you communicate with both audio and video, collaborate on virtually any Windows-based application, exchange graphics on an electronic whiteboard, transfer files, use the text-based chat program, and much more. A must have for all users!
Using your PC and the Internet, you can now hold face-to-face conversations with friends and family around the world, and it won't cost a fortune to do so! Because NetMeeting works with any video capture card or camera that supports Video for Windows®, you can choose from a wide range of video equipment.

MS V-Chat Microsoft V-Chat 2.0 is new interactive online chat software that takes your chatting capabilities literally to another dimension! When you chat with V-Chat, you are represented by a graphical character called an avatar. The multi-dimensional nature of an avatar lets you add depth to the facial expressions, gestures, and movements your character displays while you chat! So for example, if someone you're chatting with makes you want to do a flirt -- you can!

Office97MSOFMast.gif (2488 bytes) Microsoft Office 97 is the ultimate suite software package providing the most important applications for today's businesses - Microsoft Word 97, Excel 97, Access 97, PowerPoint® 97 and the new Outlook® 97.
These applications are integrated so that all the toolbars are alike, the command and function keys are identical and you can perform tasks from one program to another.
Office Professional integrates with other Microsoft applications on your desktop using the same common functionality. Easier to do your work because once you know one application you know them all.
Update Updates

Access Microsoft® Access 97 for the Windows® 95 and Windows NT® operating systems provides relational database power to give you the information you need to make better decisions. It integrates data from spreadsheets and other databases, and is the easy way to find answers, share information over intranets and the Internet, and build faster business solutions.
Access 97 allows you to generate, analyze and create reports without hours of
work. It integrates ease of use from the data entry point to printing in HTML.

Excel Microsoft® Excel 97 brings core spreadsheet functionality to the surface to make it more accessible to all users. Basic operations, formula creation, printing and formatting, and charting have all been simplified to remove the barriers between the user and power of the spreadsheet.

Outlook98 The Microsoft® Outlook 98 messaging and collaboration client combines leading support for Internet standards-based messaging systems, including Exchange Server, with integrated calendar, contact, and task management features.
Outlook 98 helps users communicate with others through e-mail, telephone, group scheduling and real time NetMeeting? conferencing software. Outlook helps users share information with others via Internet connectivity, Exchange Server public folders, electronic forms, and as a component of customized collaborative solutions. Outlook also integrates and organizes all this communication and shared information in one application.

Frontpage Microsoft FrontPage 98 is a quick, effective way to create and manage professional-quality Internet or intranet sites without programming. It makes it easy for new users and professional Web developers alike to build and maintain great-looking, professional-quality Web sites in no time.
Easily create great-looking Web sites. Manage your Web sites your way. Integrate with what you already have.

PictureIt! Microsoft Picture It! 99 is photo editing software that allows consumer and SOHO (small office, home office) users to easily fix and modify their photos on their PCs, and create professional looking output with them, including cards, collages, calendars, photo album pages, flyers and more. Picture It! is part of the Microsoft Graphics Studio line, a group of products that deliver easy to use desktop publishing, imaging and graphics tools to create professional quality output for home and office.

Plus! Microsoft® Plus! 98 is the ideal companion to the Windows® 98 operating system. Plus! 98 extends the advanced functionality in Windows by adding utilities, themes, and games to let you further manage, customize, and enjoy your PC.

Powerpoint With Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97, you can easily organize, powerfully illustrate, and professionally deliver your ideas. Whether conducting an informal meeting, presenting to an audience, or delivering your message over the Internet, you'll have the tools you need to communicate with impact.

Publisher Publisher is the world's leading business desktop publishing application with over four million users worldwide. Publisher 98 features a completely re-designed flexible wizard model that allows you to utilize the power of the wizard at any time during the creative process. It includes over 1600 professionally designed templates to help you get started, then continues to provide the professional design guidance you need to get a unique look for your small business or volunteer organization. And to carry that look across all your marketing materials--whether they are printed on your color desktop printer or posted on the World Wide Web.
We are also introducing Publisher 98, Deluxe Edition which includes Publisher 98 and Microsoft's Award Winning image editing program, Microsoft Picture It! Publisher Deluxe gives you all the tools you need to create and edit powerful images and drag and drop them into your Publisher 98 publications.

Word Microsoft Word 97 is the world's leading word processor. Word 97 simplifies common word-processing tasks with built-in intelligence. By recognizing what you want to do, Word 97 quickly produces the results you need, so you get more done with less time and effort.
The new Letter Wizard structures your letter and adds dates and other information, so you can focus on the content. Word 97 will even insert addresses to your letters automatically using your contact information from Microsoft Outlook 97 - a desktop information manager - or another compatible application.

Symantec manufactures good utility software.

nubox.gif (37534 bytes)d495-nt.gif (4650 bytes)nzr.gif (3002 bytes) For over 15 years computer pros have relied on Norton Utilities™ for unrivaled problem-solving power and control.  Many new and updated utilities make Norton Utilities more essential than ever.  Along with the classic power tools, Norton Utilities provides industry-leading crash protection, background problem-solving, basic virus repair, and online updates.*  Plus, several new optimization utilities to optimize system performance.
Here are the updates.

Norton Antivirusworldclass98.gif (6656 bytes)icsalogo.gif (4302 bytes)eclogo.gif (1834 bytes)ms-for-9598nt.jpg (7801 bytes) Norton AntiVirus™ from Symantec is the #1 anti-virus software in the world.   New features in version 5.0 let you quarantine infected files, easily get help directly from Symantec researchers, and it automatically protects you against viruses as well as malicious ActiveX and Java applets.   As always, Norton AntiVirus can run constantly in the background to keep your computer safe from viruses that might come in from e-mail attachments, Internet downloads, floppy diskettes, software CDs, or a network.   And it can be scheduled to automatically retrieve new anti-virus definitions from Symantec as often as once a week.
Here are the updates at SARC.

Quaterdeck is another company that does good utility software. Update your software here!

CleansweepAwardsPhil and Frank Windows relies on free hard drive space to provide maximum system performance ---- a fact of which you are probably not aware. When your available hard drive space decreases, so does the performance of your system; to keep your PC operating at peak levels, you need CleanSweep -- the expert's choice for eliminating hard drive clutter. CleanSweep is the FASTEST, SAFEST, and most COMPLETE hard drive clean-up solution available, simplifying the removal of outdated applications as well as the widest array of unneeded and unwanted files for maximum hard drive space savings and optimum system performance.

Qemmchipanim.gif (39358 bytes)
QEMM 97 brings the same benefits millions of DOS and Windows 3.1 users have enjoyed for over 10 years to Windows 95 users.
It reclaims under-used memory, streamlines your system for more memory, and boosts your performance, automatically!