Living in Singapore is the best. We have the best airport, seaport, least corrupt & most efficient government, most reserves per GDP. You name the award, we have it. Here are some links to the better Singaporean Web Sites.

The first site you should visit is the Singapore Infomap. This site links you to virtually every Web Site in Singapore, government, commercial or not.

Next will be my ISP,  Singnet.

The computer boss here is the National Computer Board, Singapore.

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Singapore Airlinesis everyone's favourite airline (and Singapore girl).

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The premier bank in Singapore is POSBank.

Due to the current economic crisis, another local bank DBS Bank, has taken over POSB, which had been independently operating for 26 years.

The other university in Singapore is the National University of Singaporenuslogo3a.gif (6150 bytes). To search for the email of a NUS undergrad, click here. Likewise, for NTU students, click here.

To search for someone's phone number in Singapore, go to the online Phonebook.

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Electronic and electrical communication comes under Singapore Telecom.