PetersNet is a Trinity Communications project established to provide comprehensive Catholic information and documentation to clergy and laity alike. PetersNet features a Catholic web search engine, which allows you to find Catholic sites on the web. PetersNet reviews each site in detail and uses a grading system in three catagories: Fidelity, Resources, and Implementation. The web site also includes discussion,chat and news services for members.

Catholic Resources on the Net is a unofficial index of Catholic-related resources. Simply one of the best!


Home to popular free Catholic Chat Rooms, Email Discussion Groups, hundreds of keyword-searchable links, and free Catholic audio tapes and books. Worth a visit.

The Catholic Information Center on Internet™ is a good resource finder.

The Website of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) featuring programming information for EWTN Television; WEWN radio, a digital Document Library, an Audio Library, Catholic Q&A, Catholic News.

EWTN's Library

Search EWTN's Library!

New Advent

With an online Catholic Encyclopedia, and the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas, this is perhaps the most complete Catholic resource online. Search features for almost anything.

Church Documents
The Catholic FAQ

AlaPadre Catholic Corner

An alphabetically arranged index of more than 8,000 mostly Catholic reference and research interest items.

Tan BooksTan Books

Catholic books from TAN Books and Publishers include lives of the saints, Bible, angels, children's books, apologetics, morality, and other religious subjects.

The Catholic Pages is the first and last place you'll need to look for information about the Catholic Church and the Catholic Religion.

The Mantle

Here at the Mantle you will find information about Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, provided by The Apostolate Alliance of the Two Hearts.

This is a short doctrinal concordance of the Catholic faith. It is not a complete concordance. The purpose is to give people interested in Catholicism a quick reference for the most common items of the faith. Particularly in areas where Catholics and other religions disagree.