Name Comments Photo
Bryan R Law Baptism: His official introduction/induction to the Catholic Church was held on 02nd November 1997 at the Church of the Holy Cross.
Officiating Minister: Rev. Richards Ambrose
God-Parents: Richard Lim Ban Soon & Ong Wen
Charles Wong An ACT council member. Nil
Gerard LIM Meng Chiang 1966, advertising executive, 660cc car, left-of-centre politically Nil
Lynn Yap Queen of Feng Shui
Matthew Soh Confessions of a Catholic Nil
Raymond Rodney Russell Koh Y. K. Current Occupation: University Student in Monash Clayton
(Faculty of Information Technology)
Wibisono Hartono An Indonesian NTU CSE Academic staff  who is the Webmaster for the Apostolate for Catholic Truth.

Catholic beliefs rule her work
A top female executive. Impressive.

The Fun House: Systems of Belief
Good links to lotsa sites, religious or not.

Gim Wee
He has got some interesting reflections.

Jane Lau
Another Singaporean Catholic.

Sharon Sharon
A accounts executive in an advertising firm, stays in the east of Singapore, and was from Geylang Methodist Secondary School.

Sri Lankan Testimony

The Straits Times Interview with a Roman Catholic Priest (25 Dec 98)

Catholic/protestant view of Mary

Evolution - A Catholic Perspective

Bryan, a Singaporean Catholic

My observation of Opus Dei
By Kelvin Chia
Catholic News, Singapore, May 15, 1998

Natasha Yong

Cyril Lim Kim Chai

burger1.jpg (64984 bytes)Adrian Goh Yong Liang

"The Straits Times Interview with a Roman Catholic Priest (25 Dec 98)"

Doctrine of the Perpetual Virginity of the Virgin Mary


Vincent's Vessel

Evangeline F. Evangeline F.

Celesta Sri Dewanti Kayo

Kenneth Lim

Yep Min

shu hsing

Mark Lim Min Wei

Gerard Koh

The 'Dual Boss Syndrome' Among Singapore Church Employees

In 1999, Dr Tow on the Catholic Church on 11th July and 18th July, 17th Jan

Chua Bean Chong, Louis

Another Catholic gone astray: Ivor Browne

James Francis


Brandon Yuen Mun Hon

baptised as a catholic in infancy: Emmett Patrick Delaney III

Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller (Catholic turned Muslim)