I did 2.5 years of National Service in the miv_logo.jpg (8257 bytes)Ministry of Defence, specifically in the cress_main.gif (7976 bytes)Republic of Singapore Air Force airdb.gif (3218 bytes)Air Defence Systems Division airdb.gif (3218 bytes)Air Defence Brigade squa163.gif (3471 bytes)163 Squadron, Alphalogo.JPG (50167 bytes)Alpha Flight.

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The SAF Pledge

We, Members of the Singapore Armed Forces, do solemnly and sincerely pledge that:

7 Core Values of the Army

The Six Rules of Conduct

Some photos of life in National Service.

Sitting in fields and feeding mosquitoes.

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Here's me looking at ya. :>

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Me going down a slope without steps. :>

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The infantry guys coming to join us, from the coast, in IFVs or SPs.

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The men in armour charging ahead.

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The Navy guarding our coasts.

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The pilot boys going ahead when we can't see a thing on our radar.

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And to the guards, artillery, signallers, combat engineers & medics who make Singapore a peaceful place to live in.

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Lastly, do check out the web site of Fire Unit 12 of Charlie Flight of rapier.gif (15399 bytes)165 Squadron.