The Corrs
The Corrs.This multi-talented group has got me going ga-ga over its fusion of modern pop and traditional Celtic sounds, including excellent vocals by Andrea in my fave genre of music, adult contemporary.  Of course, with 3 gorgeous women to oogle while watching their videos or fantasizing while listening to their music, what more could I ask for? If you are wondering, my fave member is Sharon, who plays the drums, bodhran, piano, and provides backing vocals. Oooh, what strong arms this drummer has! I knew I always had a penchant for female drummers! ;>

Mariah Carey
I used to be obsessed with
Mariah Carey. I bought all her albums, singles, posters and videos. I even cut out all the news articles about her in the local papers and magazines. I was also a member in her official fan club, and bought a biography. I short, I collect everything I could lay my hands on that had 'Mariah Carey' printed on it. I recall that I even persuaded one of the retail shops to sell me their promotional cut-outs, adverts and posters!
But her image changed after her divorce to Tommy Motola, and she revealed more 'skin', becoming... to put it nicely, more 'sexy', perhaps to pander to mainstream tastes. I lost interest.
Anyone wants to buy limited editions of Mariah Carey's paraphernalia? I even long the long box editions of the early Mariah Carey albums, fan club newsletters and other stuff. Just drop me an email.

Jennifer Aniston
Friends used to be a regular show on my schedule, but with the advent of the Internet, I have almost altogether stopped watching television. Playing the ditzy poor-little-rich gal Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston caught my eye the first time I saw her in the first season. That hair! That face! Those perfectly shaped boobs! I'm in luurrve!!

Singapore Blood Transfusion Service
What's the opposite of a vampire? That's me! I have an urge to give blood whenever I pass by a Singapore Blood Transfusion Service mobile session or even the National Blood Centre.

Gold 90.5Hear Gold 90.5 live!
My favorite local radio station is Gold 90.5 FM, which plays easy listening favourites from the 60s to 90s. This seems to be a strange choice for someone of my generation, and I've raised quite a few eyebrows when queried. I suppose taste is subjective, and very individual. The Jazzmatazz (Weekends 8pm - 12mn) segments interests me most as a Jazz fan, keeping up with the latest trends. Moreover, it is the only radio station that plays jazz. 
Audrey Ying
Audrey Ying
has probably the best voice on local radio IMHO. She has this smooth, soothing quality to it, so I'm a fan!

Rick DeesRick Dee's Weekly Top 40Perfect 10 98.7 FM
Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40 is probably the only foreign chart show broadcasted on local radio on Perfect 10 98.7 FM. His jokes are quite lame at times, but the show amuses me while I listen to the best of the latest hits. I'm hooked!