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This venture is primarily a service to the Catholic Church. It is our hope that easy access to more Christian resources and modern communication will strengthen our Catholic parishes and communities.


The 1997 Catholic Internet Directory is the most comprehensive guide to Catholic Information on the Internet. The directory has been updated monthly since April 1995. The 1995 version is available for free browsing from this site. The 1997 version of the directory is available in print form at http://www.catholic-church.org/order.

Catholic Resources on the Net

One of the most exhaustive Catholic indexes on the Net. Kudos to John!

Theology Library

A Catholic's collection of 113 pages with over 4,800 links including 86 items not found elsewhere online in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council!

Google Directory for Catholicism

Catholic Files

A number of resources are available that are about Catholicism or which might be of interest to Catholics.