These are links to update my hardware drivers. If you wanna know what hardware I have, or have the same model, read on.

Mouse "The Ideal Mouse for Everyone in Your Home" - The unique shape of the new Home Mouse is designed to maximise comfort and ease of use. It lets you do everything you want to do with the software on your home computer - from personal productivity to education to games - and have lots of fun while you're at it.
Designed to fit most hands: large or small, left or right. The unique colour (blue) and shape (house shaped buttons with a chimney) gives the user the feeling of personalization with their PC. Additionally, the IntelliPoint software - Home Edition lets the user personalise their screen cursor with many different (and animated) cursors. IntelliPoint also lets the user execute a double click with just one touch of the mouse button. Also, a low price point and 90 day money back guarantee!