Jesu Joseph. A brilliant and nice Catholic Indian scholar.
Jesu Joseph Peace!

Kerene Lu Yen Ling. The person who sends me the most mass emails.
pic2.jpg (56468 bytes) She's the gal who is second from the right in the back row.

Geraint Wong. Wonderful Praise & Worship Leader from the Church of Christ the King.
tb4animators.JPG (10534 bytes) He's on the right.

Clarence Hoe. A fellow photo enthusiast.
Whoa! Lucky guy!

Charissa Chua. The Salt and Light webmaster.
me.jpg (113424 bytes) Witch with her broomstick?!

Lennie Lee. My ice-skating pal. Also the NTU Ice-Skating Club Webmaster.
Lennie In one of his crazy moods.

Colin Drysdale. A fellow NTU student. One of the more unique Catholics I know.
Colin DrysdaleColin A real sporty fellow.

Andy Wee. The NUS CSS webmaster.
Engin/Abem Faculty Catholic Group Retreat - Nov '96 He's somewhere in here....

jcrc3.jpg (15839 bytes) Felix Ho Xuan Han Once a very close friend of mine and a classmate. He's also the Social Secretary of Hall 9 where I stay as his neighbour. He the guy in the blue shirt.

Anthony Chico A real good guy and great friend.

Lynette Tan Another Net addict. ;>

Andrew Soh Jesu's hostel neighbour and fellow Catholic.

Sharen Choo Also a fellow Catholic, NUS Science graduate, from the Church of St Stephen.

Patrick Alphonsus Chan He was a Redemptorist seminarian once. Now he's just another computer addict. ;>

Louis Chua My Catholic senior in NTU, and a fellow lefty.

Khoo Wee Keong One of my NS buddies who stuck with me through thick and thin.

Kelvin Chia A really humourous yet "solid" Catholic apologist. Also a Medjugorje groupie. ;>

KaiPheng Another ice-skating pal from NTU.

Andrew Kong A magician and fellow apologist who's also a Canon lawyer, graduating from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. A real gem of a friend.

John Chan The NIE CSA webmaster. Nice guy.

Eugene Lee A former Vine & Branches (Novena Church youth group) member. He played 'Jesus' in the Novena Church Lenten Vigil in 1995.

Pui Cuifen A gal who came to the NTU CSA caroling session in December 1998.  

June Ang Someone who's been closer to me than u can imagine. ;>