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"Jesus walks with us." That was the theme for the night on April 25th and is actually the underlying theme for the 'Emmaus Evening' series held in Novena Church. The 'Emmaus Evening' took its name from the experience 2 disciples had with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, and the Gospel reading for this evening reminds those present of that.

A play put up with the help of Vine & Branches saw a teenager going through a period of stress and tension. He complained loudly to God, and another teen acting as Jesus then approached and reassured him that Jesus Christ will always be there. The adolescent then awoke afresh knowing that affirming himself that Jesus was always with him, it was just that he may be too caught up with his problems to care.

Franciscan Friar Clifford Augustine in his homily emphasised the importance of letting go of our fears, which drag us down when we dwell upon them. For fear does not have a place in our hearts, as Jesus took it away in His Resurrection.

The evening soon ended with a 'praying-over' session for the youths, as many of them have school examinations coming up. The priests present, Frs. Simon Pereira, John Bosco, Michael Sitaram and Clifford Augustine had many of the congregation 'slained' by the Holy Spirit.

Shoba Nar, 20, a non-Catholic, came for every Emmaus Evening since it was relaunched in Novena this year. She 'heard about the Emmaus Evening from the Novenas', and she 'feels complete after a mass'. Emmaus Evening helped her to do just that.

Watch out for details on a Youth in the Spirit Seminar to be held from June 11-14. The Emmaus Evening in May will be cancelled in view of the Archdiocese Pentecostal Celebrations. The next Emmaus Evening will be on June 26.

The Catholic News (May 17, 1998)

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Fr Michael Sitaram telling the youths to come into the church instead of staying outside.

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Fr Mike in his opening prayer. Seen also are Frs. Simon Pereira, Clifford Augustine and John Bosco Pereira.

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A view of the altar from the choir loft.

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The band who gave us wonderful live music.

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Colin Yeow, the Nanyang Technological University Catholic Students' Apostolate's 7th Exco President is once again spotted in the Emmaus Evening with his friends. His girlfriend is the gal hiding behind him. I hope to get a face shot for you the next time. :>

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A nice shot of Franciscan Friar Clifford Augustine reading the Gospel.

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Fr Clifford in his 'cool' brown habit adds colour to the usual white ones worn by the others. That really is what attracts me to join the Franciscan order. :>

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A play done by friends of Vine & Branches.

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A side shot of the Religious. Notice Fr Simon in his usual contemplative pose. :>

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Offertory. Hope the shoes were disinfected and perfumed beforehand. :>

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Consecration. Fr Mike in the usual priestly open-arms pose.

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A front-row shot of gals in prayer.

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And finally, photos of Fr Simon doing the 'praying-over'.

Exciting? Come for the next Emmaus Evening! Hope to catch your pic then. ;>