Don't ignore it. Be informed. It exists. Here's a look at some.

BTW, just in case you are confused, go to the Catholic Answers site for the answers to the questions that are raised from these sites. I hope this exercise will prove educational.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) provides the true teachings of the Catholic Church. Verify all Catholic doctrine there please.

The Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth article is a good summary of what the Catholic Church is.

Reformation Online
As any other anti-Catholic site, this site is full of exaggerations and half-truths. Remember to verify all quotes and history yourself from valid sources.

Christian Information Centre

A Singapore site. Run by a guy called Lawrence Yue. An ex-Catholic. He quotes from Catholic doctrine and dogma out of context and wrongly. An excellent example of a person who hates not the true Catholic Church, but his false and distorted perspective of it.

Chick Publications
Jack Chick is one of the most aggressive and vehement anti-Catholic in the US.

Don't Be Fooled by Jack T. Chick!
Don't Be Fooled by Jack T. Chick!

This site is dedicated to responding to Jack Chick tracts.

Good News for Catholics
An anti-Catholic site notwithstanding its title.