163 Sqn

163 Squadron is part of theAir Defence Brigade, a brigade of the Air Defence Systems Division, a division of the Republic of Singapore Air Force.


163 Squadron operates the I-Hawk System. The I-Hawk System provides low to medium level air defence as part of the national air defence. With a maximum effective range of 40 km, the I-Hawk can defend against targets manouevering up to 8 Gs, has a Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) of 0.85 and is effective against noise jamming and deceptive counter-measures.

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I was in the Alpha Flight.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force

The RSAF’s history began in 1968 with the Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC). Our responsibilities, capabilities and infrastructure grew, parallel to our increase in manpower, squadron strength and aircraft type. We were re-christened the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) in 1975.

From then, we’ve never looked back. Clearly guided with specific missions, our multi-layered air defence has shown that as guardians of Singapore’s skies, we are more than capable of ensuring safety, security, peace and prosperity for the nation.

"The role of the RSAF is to play a crucial part in the overall SAF’s mission to deter and to win a swift and decisive victory if deterrence fails."

As a modern and potent force, the RSAF mirrors our leaders’ vision and dedication to Singapore’s air defence. Our multi-lateral roles include that of goodwill ambassador, joint exercise partner and peace mission supporter. And we’ll continue to do all this and more in the interests of peace and defence.

The RSAF crest has come to symbolise the all-encompassing role air defence plays in Singapore’s national security. It consists of the National Coat of Arms - a crescent moon and five stars upheld by a lion and a tiger - supported by the silver wings of the Air Force within a bowl of golden laurels.

The national banner of a young nation - symbolised by the crescent moon - is Equality, Peace, Progress, Democracy and Prosperity, as represented by the five stars. The banner flies high on the RSAF silver wings as it stands proud on a plane of laurels, a mark of excellence, purity and universal brotherhood.

The RSAF logo is made up of a Red Lion Head within a Roundel. An accepted national symbol, the Red Lion Head expresses courage, strength and resolve with the five flowing manes representing the nation’s five beliefs. The roundel, a symbol adopted by air forces world-wide, signifies unity of purpose.

As an integral part of the nation’s defence force, we are committed to giving our best to Singapore. Just take a look at our advanced weapons systems. More important, however, is the quality of our people. At the RSAF, our common values bond us. And in unity, there is strength.

The nine values we uphold are loyalty to country, leadership, discipline, professionalism, fighting sprit, ethics, care for soldiers, safety and team excellence.

Air Defence Systems Division

A union of the Singapore Air Defence Artillery (SADA) and the Air Force Systems Command (AFSC), the Air Defence Systems Division was formed on 1 June 1995. The ADSD combines the SADA’s ground-based air defence and AFSC’s airspace surveillance specialisation for enhanced operational synergy and better manpower utilisation. It comprises a Divisional Headquarters and three functional brigades - Air Defence Brigade, Air Force Systems Brigade and Divisional Air Defence Artillery Brigade.

Its motto, Vigilant & Ready, describes the ADSD’s watchfulness as well as its units’ operational readiness. The stylised projectile and radar dish of its logo symbolically reinforce the motto. The red projectile, set to take off, represents a lean, potent and ready Air Defence Force. The radar dish stylistically denotes the ADSD’s vigilant sensors. The black-and-white background represents ADSD’s day and night capability while the grid squares and azimuth lines illustrates all-terrain as well as air capabilities.

163 Squadron

Formed in 1983, the 163 Squadron is in charge of the I-Hawk missile system, a weapon system designed to provide medium to high-level air defence coverage as part of the National Air Defence System.

The squadron whose motto is Above The Best, is also responsible for providing air defence in the region as part of the FPDA’s Integrated Air Defence System. Its motif, a hawk flying over Singapore, represents the squadron’s determination and absolute willpower in defending the country.

Air Defence Brigade

Responsible for national air defence operations. the Air Defence Brigade (ADB)’s assets include the short-range low level Oerlikon 35mm anti-aircraft gun, the Rapier SAM System, the medium-range I-Hawk weapon system and the mobile radar system, ITT RS320 and FPS-117.

Here are also some pics of the stuff we handle in my unit. But none of the Singapore's equipment is seen here due to security reasons.


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More live-firing.

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The Hawk missile actually destroying a target.

And to how we actually operate our missiles......

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We were also one of the organisers of the event "A Nation Connects" in 1997. 

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